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This week we took a bite out of a juicy apple inspiration, saw the beauty in a single bloom bouquet, got a blast from the past with paisley, and brought out the nerd in all of us with office-themed decor!


Nothing says the Fall to me like a juicy, ripe apple; whether baked up in delicous homemade pies, sliced and put on bread with brie, or just eaten for a nice snack, apples represent the quintessential…click here to read the rest of the post!


Everyone has a little nerd in them and an office themed inspiration is perfect for the work driven couple looking to rejoice in their….click here to read the rest of the post!


So I know paisley may be considered “so seventies,” but it’s a really gorgeous pattern and can be incorporated into almost any part of your decor from the….click here to read the rest of the post!


There’s something so simple and sweet about a single bloom bouquet. Whether for yourself or your bridesmaids, a simple and elegant flower is….click here to read the rest of the post!


With all the impending snow storms coming our way it got me thinking about the dark clouds and grey sky. Grey looks absolutely stunning with….click here to read the rest of the post!

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