Fab Finds | Tahoe City Baked Goods

We were doing a little "research" for one of our clients' upcoming wedding Welcome Bags and discovered some scrumptious baked goodies from both Tahoe House and Sugar Pine Cakery! After photographing them we had the super tough job of sampling them, and they are all absolutely delicious! Images for Tahoe City Baked Goods

First Row: Tahoe House Banana Nut Muffin Second Row: Tahoe House Chocolate Cookie | Sugar Pine Cakery Peanut Butter Cookie Third Row: Tahoe House Macaroons & Swiss Kisses Fourth Row: Tahoe House Granola Bar | Sugar Pine Cakery Raspberry Scone


Tahoe House, a well known staple on the West Shore of North Lake Tahoe, is famous for their made-to-order coffee and baked goods, including fresh bread. They also have a gourmet store complete with homemade chutneys, sauces and fully baked meals ready to go!

Sugar Pine Cakery is a new shop open in the Lake Forest neighborhood that specializes in Vegan and Gluten Free Organic Baking. Allison Sayles has been making cakes and goodies for years but opened her bakery to the public this Summer. Stop by and enjoy one of her many treats!