Nearly Weds & Wedding Paper Divas | Custom Websites in Style

One of the most popular things to add to your 'wedding to-do list' is "build a website." It is a fantastic way to inform your guests of things to do, where to stay, and the itinerary for the weekend. It has pretty much become an essential for destination weddings...unless you enjoy receiving numerous phone calls from guests asking, "where should we stay" ... "what sort of activities are available" ... and so forth. Several companies offer 'free' sites' including and, but the downfall with this is that you have to work with their limited templates and color schemes. Nearly Weds is a fairly new company that has teamed up with Wedding Paper Divas, an online invitation company. You can now design a website that matches your invitations - brilliant! The cost is minimal and the product is impressive! Their additional features include:

* Custom domain names * Personalized blog * Online RSVP * Guest list management service * Bridal party page