Tahoe Tree Company | Tahoe City's Newest Venue

I recently had the pleasure of siting The Tahoe Tree Company, Tahoe's newest wedding venue! The Tahoe Tree Company is a nursery and garden shop located in Tahoe City. They have 10 acres of flowers, shrubs, perennials, trees, a gorgeous landscaped garden, and a beautiful authentic Tahoe lodge. During the summer, the lodge represents the store for the nursery; during the winter, the entire lodge is cleaned out and the 6500 square foot building is available. Summer weddings are invitied to use the exterior of the property and a section of the Lodge for dancing.

As the venue sells items for the home and garden, it is landscaped to perfection! My favorite part is the garden. It is a serene and private garden set back from the nursery - flowers adorn the permitter while a perfectly green lawn and gazebo create a pristine location for events. One of the real treats is that you can rent and/or purchase many of their accessories, flowers, plants, etc for decoration. Included in this is their solar lantern lights and oversized plant pots in multiple colors - love this!  The entire space has a very fresh Tahoe feel and is completely unique.

For more information on rates and availability, contact:

Susi Trottnow 530.583.3911, ext 300 susi@mcbridesnursery.com

All photography by A Day in Your Life Photography