Tahoe Unveiled's Weekly Juice!

This week on our sister site we were challenged to think outside the box with an inspiration on beautiful colored wedding gowns, were encouraged to see our sweetie before the vows with "first look" tips, saw an absolutely stunning real wedding brought to us by Hattie Reed of Art in Bloom, and were introduced to the latest Tahoe Unveiled vendors, Balance Body Works!  


Today’s gorgeous and elegant affair was brought to us by Hattie Reed of Art in Bloom. Hattie’s work is stunning, beautiful, and everything you could dream of for your wedding floral fantasies! I love the...click here to read the rest of the post!

Today we have the pleasure of introducing to your our latest massage therapists,Balance Body WorksJenna Minnes and her team of professional therapists, reiki specialists, and...click here to read the rest of the post!

I love a man in a bow-tie, and a printed, playful bow-tie adds all the more character and whimsy.  Modern weddings have even gone so far as to offer bow-tie bars where...click here to read the rest of the post!

Although white dresses have long been considered the “traditional” wedding color, did you know that they have only been popular for about two hundred years? Queen Victoria wed in white in 1840, setting in motion.....click here to read the rest of the post!

The first time you see your partner on your wedding day is going to be beautiful, memorable moment no matter how you do it. Tradition holds that it's bad luck to see....click here to read the rest of the post!

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