Tahoe Unveiled's Weekly Juice!

This week on our sister site we were thrilled with all of the wonderful inspiration - from gold(!) wedding cakes that made me want to take a bite out of my screen, to beautiful nails (I've scheduled an appointment for my manicure next week) and capped off with two stunning weddings captured beautifully by Tahoe Unveiled vendors Rose Street Studio and Matt Theilen! This week it's Summer in Tahoe with the weather reaching up to 70 degrees, I can't tell you how excited I am to finally see my toes come out of hiding and into the sun! Have a wonderful weekend Lovelies!  

Whenever I think of brooches, I envision my grandmother and those sepia-toned portraits on her mantel. However, did you know that brooches have actually been around since....click here to read the rest of the post!

Wedding cakes are decadent, and oh-so beautiful, but not always as memorable as we’d hope them to be.  Why not give the guests something to talk about with....click here to read the rest of the post!

Every girl loves a manicure, and what better excuse is there to get the best of the best than a wedding day!? It’s the day on which you’ll want to look your best from fingers to....click here to read the rest of the post!

Today’s real wedding is packed with pretty! The Ritz Carlton has done it again with their elegant decor, beautiful backdrop and gorgeous views which Matt Theilencaptured with.....click here to read the rest of the post!

I have fallen head over heals for today’s real wedding, mostly because it evokes a bygone time of classic beauty. Jaime from Rose Street Studio really knows how to....click here to read the rest of the post!

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