Lake Tahoe Lakefront Bridesmaid Lunch

I sit here writing this blog post in absolute awe after witnessing an unbelievable amount of love, friendship, and joy from Paige and Mike's wedding this past weekend. After spending a year and half helping Paige and Mike plan and design their wedding, I grew quite close to each family and boy are they fabulous! Some of the most loving, welcoming, and inviting people I have ever met! I am sad that everything is over, but extremely happy for Paige and Mike! This wedding was not a one day affair, but instead a five day celebration: rehearsal dinner on the Tahoe Gal, bridesmaid lunch at a lakefront estate, welcome party at a beach, wedding at Chambers Landing, and a post wedding brunch at Gar Woods! These guys know how to throw a great party! We tried to capture each day on camera, but I'm not the greatest photographer! So, I summed up the best pics below!

We held the bridesmaid lunch at a gorgeous lakefront estate in Rubicon! The bride LOVES peaches (loves them so much that we designed the entire wedding after peaches), so we helped the hosts, Barbara and Jill, to style this soiree with peaches. The linens, beverages, and gifts each featured peaches!

The setting - absolutely stunning! La Tavola's new Carlton Melon linen was the perfect splash of color!

Top left - the bride and bridesmaids arriving by boat! Top right - our delightful mascot for the afternoon, Dolly. Bottom - our lovely hosts Jill & Barbara! The green accents on the table are gifts for each bridesmaid - bottles of lotion labeled "Our Paige is sweet as a Peach!"

One Fine Day Events and North Tahoe CateringThe man behind the yummy food - Chris Banovich, owner of North Tahoe Catering!

One Fine Day Events and North Tahoe CateringThe menu: gourmet grilled cheese, fresh seasonal salad, peach infused champagne, and peach cobbler (not pictured). In one word - YUM!

Shortly after the lunch, the bride and bridesmaids left by boat and arrived at the beach for a Happy Hour Welcome Party!

The entire day was relaxing and beautiful - the perfect way to enjoy a wedding weekend on the lake!