Cortney Knudson

One Fine Day & Tahoe Unveiled Featured on Utterly Engaged's site

I love being featured on blogs and in publications, especially ones as well designed as Utterly Engaged. Today AND yesterday they featured our event, Tahoe Unveiled, on the their blog. Take a gander below for more details!

Scott Corridan, In Style’s celebrity wedding planner, is going to take 3 regular ladies and dress them up in the perfect dress, get their hair and makeup styled, and show the audience how to look like a model on your wedding day. We want ladies with different figures – big butts/no butts, athletic, etc. – your normal lady!

Three lucky brides will be chosen to model on the event day, strut their stuff on the runway, and get bedazzled by Swoon Bridal SalonKiss and Makeup, and Cortney Knudson Hair Design.

The models will also receive 10% off the following for their wedding day:

- wedding dress purchased from Swoon Bridal Salon

- wedding makeup from Kiss and Makeup

- wedding hair up-do from Cortney Knudson Hair Design

To enter, submit your full profile pics and measurements, along with a description of why you would be a fabulous attribute to Scott Corridan’s Boobs & Butts seminar. Please email submissions to Stephanie Anderson at with the subject line “UE Bride: Boobs & Butts Contest.” Contest ends on Monday, October 11, so hurry and get your entry in!