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Lake Tahoe Wedding Inspiration | Altars

Technically speaking, the entire wedding celebration is meant to commemorate one thing, your ceremony. During the ceremony you say vows to your soon to be sweetie-for-life, and the "altar" of sorts is what you stand before to immortalize your love for one another. Here are a few unique altar ideas; I hope you get inspired to make your ceremony site something special!  

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The Weekly Juice from Tahoe Unveiled!

Our sister site, Tahoe Unveiled, is an online resource for the tahoe bound bride and groom seeking fresh, innovative, and inspiring wedding ideas. Complete with a coveted vendor list of Tahoe's super talented wedding vendors, a guide to Tahoe's many entertaining activities, and a juicy blog oozing with inspiration, the site is full of fun and fabulous ideas for a completely unique tahoe wedding. Every week day, we blog about a real wedding, an inspiration board, or helpful tips! Here are some little slices from this week's Tahoe Unveiled posts. Enjoy!

Tents provide lots of protection and a great Plan “B” for potentially inclement weather. With a tent you can provide shelter against rain and cold while keeping....Click here for the rest of the post!


There’s something about a short wedding dress; it’s playful, it’s flirty, and it just feels fun! It’s here for the rest of the post!




I am totally in love with hair accessories! I just think there is something so romantic and ..... click here for the rest of the post!




With the traditional wedding cake becoming less common, dessert tables seem to be the latest bright idea! Dessert tables are the best of both worlds here for the rest of the post!




I think a dressed-up farm wedding is so very lovable. Farms remind me of family, friends, here for the rest of the post!


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Real Wedding | Thunderbird Lodge

Here's a little re-cap of the gorgeous wedding of Kacie & Chris held at the Thunderbird in July! This wedding was right on the water at the historic and absolutely magical Thunderbird Lodge on the East Shore of Lake Tahoe. Take a glance at 1 Look Back's video clip of images of their extraordinary evening! More photos to come....enjoy!

Image for Kacie & Mark


Images & Video clip courtesy of 1 Look Back Photography