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Holiday Decor: Gold & Copper Bottles


Every year I create the holiday table decor for our very large family holiday dinners. All of us chip in to help my mum in some way. I am not a good cook so my skills cannot be used in the kitchen...well I suppose they could but I don't think anybody would eat my food. This year, the theme for the table was copper, gold, and glitter!!! I always make an effort to use supplies I have lying around or left over from other projects. As we are big into celebrating and that often...who am I kidding, always involves a few bottles of wine and champagne, I gathered all the empty bottles and removed the labels. In addition, I gathered some votive candles, spray paint cans, glue, and glitter. Although waiting for the paint to dry is a bit time consuming, everything else is pretty quick. The end result provides a really pretty and festive look.

Step 1 - Paint the bottles. Lay out the bottles in your driveway on a garbage bag or a rag. Be sure to keep a good 6 - 10" distance from the spray paint can and the bottle...if the spray paint gets too close to the bottle, you will have paint dripping down the can. I like to wave my can back and forth as I spray up and down...it creates even coverage. Let the bottles fully dry before you touch them. You may have to add a second coat of paint.


Step 2 - Adhere the glue to the bottle. I tried an expensive glue and a plain old cheapo stick of glue - the cheap glue stick worked the best. Apply it to the specific area.


Step 3 - Add the glitter. Shake the bottle of glitter heavily over the bottle. Don't be afraid to add too much glitter - you can always pour the excess back into the jar. Let the bottles sit for an hour to dry.

Step 4 - Place the tapered candles into the bottles. You will probably have to shave off the base of the candle with a knife. Do this outdoors - candle wax can be a beast to clean up on the kitchen floor. Scrape just enough off so that you can screw the candle into each bottle.


Step 5 - Place your bottles. I scattered the tall and small bottles in threes to provide a nice dimension down the table. 


Step 6 - Add additional decor. Add a garland, craft runner, whatever you fancy! Light the candles and enjoy your decor!

Happy Holidays from all of us at One Fine Day Events!


Happy Holidays from One Fine Day Events!

From everyone at One Fine Day Events we hope you have a wonderful and warm holiday season! 

First Row: Leo Patron Photography | The Bride's Cafe | Rebecca Hansen 

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