lake tahoe private estate wedding

Best Wedding Photography of 2014


We have been featuring our weddings that made the Best Of list on Tahoe Unveiled! Today, we have two stunners that made the Top 5 Wedding Photography list. Thank you to our super talented photographers, Catherine Hall and Mike Larson for capturing these couples and their amazing weddings SO beautifully! You may recognize the photo below from the cover of Coastal Living Magazine.


To view this entire wedding, click here.


To view this couple's gorgeous day, click here.


Behind the Scenes with One Fine Day Events | Scouting Venues

One very important (and super fun!) aspect of our job is finding the perfect venue for each of our clients. We spend quite a bit of time working with venues and private estates to make sure they are a perfect fit for our clients. The amount of overall space, proximity to neighbors, and level ground are just a few of the key factors we look for in a private estate. We were recently out and about meeting with our homeowners and discovered an absolute gem on the "Gold Coast" section of the West Shore. Here's a picture of Paige and myself enjoying the sandy beach! It may look cold in this photo but come summertime, this beautiful estate is going to be absolutely magical for our clients!