Marry Me Live | Inspirational Interview

At the San Francisco Wedding Fair last month we stumbled upon a very interesting and new service to the wedding industry - Marry Me Live! It's a pretty ingenious idea - guests who are unable to travel to your wedding can view a live streaming on the internet. As we are on a role with our inspirational interviews, I saw it only fit to interview owners Stacy and Chris!

1. Tell us about your company - Marry Me Live was founded by Chris Anderson and Stacy Yamaoka (myself). By bringing live video streaming to the wedding industry, Marry Me Live is changing the wedding landscape and breaking down pre-existing barriers, enabling everyone to share in the couple's special day.

2. What inspired you to start Marry Me Live? Our inspiration came from family experience and is constantly reinforced by those who come to us for live wedding streaming. Last year, my partner and I both had very personal experiences with family getting married. These experiences were hindered because family and/or close friends were unable to attend. One of these weddings was for my sister, who was having a destination wedding. She was so disappointed because not a single one of her friends were able to attend the wedding. We immediately set to the task of solving this problem. As we did the search, we realized that there was not an easy solution, nor was it easy to find a company that addressed the problem. That was the birth of Marry Me Live. We could not ask for a more fulfilling job than to connect everyone on such an important day - not just for the wedding couple but those special to them.

3. How long have you been in business? We have been in business since July 2009 with our first wedding in August 2009. In the short time our company has been in business, we have been lucky enough to take on weddings in multiple locations including a private estate in Hawaii, California Coastal Wedding and even a wedding at Ft. Myer in Virginia.  For 2010, we feel very lucky to have calendar bookings that include SF, LA, and DC.

4. What can brides do to customize their Marry Me Live video? Anything that is physically possible! As a start-up, we are nimble and work with clients to come up with a solution that works for them. Everyone has their wishes and we do our best to match those requests. For a wedding in October, we came up with a mobile solution because the bride wanted multiple angles of the wedding ceremony. For an upcoming wedding, we are providing guest book options and chat capabilities for "guests" who login to view the wedding.

5. Do brides get to keep the video? Marry Me Live provides both the live video stream as well as on-demand video so that viewers can watch the wedding for 30 days following the event. The wedding couple can even wake up the next morning following their wedding and experience it all over again. Upon request, we also provide unedited DVDs as a keepsake.

6. What are some unique ways people have used Marry Me Live? Something that has been extremely successful is adding the personal touch of connection that is so often overlooked in web casting. It could be a little "wave" from the bride, or even relatives talking into the camera to loved ones across the world. Or, even a text sent from someone stuck at work, but who is able to connect by watching the video online. There are so many mediums of connection in the world, but it is tying those all together and connecting everyone that makes this service so special.

7. Anything else you would like to tell us about your company? Marry Me Live's goal is to transform the traditional wedding planning process. It isn't just the family or friends unable to come to the wedding, but an upfront guest list solution that is budget friendly and eco-friendly. Marry Me Live is part of the US Green Wedding Consortium and The Green Bride Bride. We support green practices empowering weddings couples to have a large weddings without a large carbon footprint.

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