sunset engagement

Meet Our New Client!

Well hello my lovely brides! It's been a while since I blogged, but I wanted to introduce you to our new client!

This past week, I flew to Burlington , VT to attend a very good friend's wedding. As per usual, I perused through my selection of wedding magazines, popped an airborne in a bottle of water, and sifted through my 'to-do' list. However, this time the mood was slightly different as I flipped through the pages and glanced at all the gorgeous weddings....and the to do list had a slightly different agenda! I wasn't skimming through to catch glimpses of a few pretty weddings and sassy ideas to see if any of our client's would be interested in these pretties...  this time I turned every single page and read each cover to cover (advertisements, wedding gowns, if it was in print I read it) ... for my own wedding!!! Yup, that's right - this wedding planner is getting hitched and I could not be more ecstatic, thrilled, and elated!

Greg popped that magical question last week while we were paddle boarding at sunset on the lake. It was by far the best and most romantic moment of my entire life! When we were getting in the lake Greg insisted on wearing this tiny little life jacket - he does funny things like this so I didn't really think much of it! We paddled down the west shore, cruising past beautiful lakefront estates, chatting about normal things, and then Greg said, "Let's go check out that river and see if we can paddle up it." So without question I proceeded, but shortly afterwards turned around as it was getting shallow. And all of a sudden, Greg paddled up to me, jumped out of the water, and pulled out a gorgeous ring from his life jacket! I screamed, shrieked, laughed, and of course, said Yes!! I have replayed every moment over and over and I just can't believe it actually happened! I feel like the luckiest and happiest girl in the world!

I absolutely love planning weddings and I get super excited and giddy for all of our clients...especially the week of the wedding; but I had no idea I would feel this overjoyed about getting married myself. I am thrilled to share this moment with all of my clients and the many lovely engaged couples that read our blog.

Congrats to you all!