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Fab Find | Ivory Sparrow

Ever wonder what you should wear while getting ready for the big day? Worry no more, I've found the perfect thing to snuggle into while getting primped and pampered with hair and makeup. Ivory Sparrow is a collection of custom products made with luxurious fabric and materials designed for brides and bridesmaids to swath themselves in while getting ready.  Give these luxurious & customizable wraps as bridesmaids' gifts and they'll work double duty!  


Tahoe Unveiled's Weekly Juice!

This week's fabulous blogs on Tahoe Unveiled encompassed everything from linen decor to hair advice on making a pony-tail bridal worthy to "greening" up your celebration and making it as earth-friendly as possible. We also had tons of cuteness overload with an adorable post about flower girl decor and capped it off with cupcakes galore! Happy Weekend Everyone!


There’s a cupcake truck that drives around my town, and as I was drooling over the menu today (Chocolate Salted Caramel, anyone?), I thought to myself, “What a great idea here to read the rest of the post!


Though all eyes are on the bride and her stunning dress, the little ones can often steal the show.  There are so many adorably sweet flower girl dresses out there, and trust me, your flower girl is here to read the rest of the post! 


Nancy Stoltz of Creative Coverings has lots of great tips to share with us today about color and how designing with the right palette can turn  here to read the rest of the post! 


Whether you’re a bona-fide treehugger or just want to do your part, being eco-chic is pretty, popular, and planet-friendly! Here are a few great ideas to here to read the rest of the post!


I love a sleek ponytail, and though some brides can pull off the look for their wedding, for most, a ponytail is better left for the day-to-day. But the ease and style of a ponytail can still be obtained here to read the rest of the post!

Thanks for stopping by; to read any of these posts in full please visit Tahoe Unveiled.

The Idea Board | Customized Cocktails

Give guests something special and memorable to sip on during your celebration with a customized signature cocktail! You can take your favorite drink, be it a classic margarita or bubbly, add a cute name & drink stir or piece of fruit and voilá - signature cocktail!  Try bringing out a late night customized cocktail as well, because we all know that once the hot Tahoe sun goes down there is a little chill in the air and a great solution is a warm cocktail with your love!  

All images courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings