Tahoe Unveiled's Weekly Juice!

This week on our sister site we got the scoop on all the latest trendy and classic up-dos from Kolor by Kori, we were inspired by the movies to create a perfect fairytale soiree, were provided lots of tips for how to be prepared for rain on your wedding day, and learned all about the importance of engagement photos from guest blogger Lexi and Tahoe Unveiled Vendor Melina Wallisch! I guess all our hard work praying for snow finally paid off - Hello Winter! I hope everyone has a great (and safe) weekend!



Engagement photos have become a major part of the wedding industry.  Most brides waste no time in the first few months of planning to hunt for that perfect photographer and just the right...click here to read the rest of the post!


Choosing how to style your hair can be difficult for the big day – you need to decide if you’re wearing a veil or putting in a headpiece or...click here to read the rest of the post!


Speaking of engagement shoots - today we have a super cute engagement shoot that took place by Fallen Leaf Lake on the West Shore of...click here to read the rest of the post!


Calling all film fans! If you’re looking for that perfect wedding theme, or just need a unique twist to throw in the mix, why not look to Hollywood for a little....click here to read the rest of the post!


When my parents were planning their wedding over thirty years ago, they dreamed of a gorgeous backyard wedding. All summer long, they planted flowers of every color and groomed the trees until...click here to read the rest of the post!

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