Tahoe Unveiled | Catherine Hall is a Keynote Speaker

One of the highlights of Tahoe Unveiled's, A Day in the Mountains, is a fabulous presentation by Catherine Hall, a photographer recognized worldwide for her artistic brilliance! Today, Catherine has written noted her upcoming presentation on her blog. You can view a clip below, or go to her site to read the entire article.

In conjunction with One Fine Day, an event planning company, Tahoe Unveiled is hosting a weekend of "splendor, luxury, and education" at the PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn. The occasion--called A Day in the Mountains--offers brides and grooms the opportunity to enjoy a weekend getaway and develop relationships with some of Lake Tahoe's finest photographers, florists, planners, and venue coordinators. I'm pleased and honored to be a keynote speaker for this event, at which I will deliver a talk about how to craft utterly elegant, wholly exquisite pictures of your wedding day.

I invite you to read a description of my talk for A Day in the Mountains: "Did you know that it's a bride's loss to select a standard hotel room for her bridal chamber? Has anybody warned you against sitting in front of a window during your reception? Have you heard about the critical Golden Hour yet? Are you curious to learn how you can look, well, absolutely stunning in your pictures? In her discussion, Catherine reveals an elite photographer's tricks of the trade, which will enable you to make the right decisions before your special day.....read more