Wedding Planner Scam

Unfortunately this post is not very fun or light hearted. I recently became a victim of a scam, but fortunately realized the fallacy before I entered serious financial trouble. A man by the name of Peter Woodgate emailed me to say he and his fiancé live in the UK and are getting married in Lake Tahoe. They would not be able to visit Tahoe prior to the wedding and would like a wedding coordinator to take care of the details. A few emails later, he disclosed that he would be sending me a check in the amount of $45,000 to pay for all wedding expenses. I asked to setup a phone meeting to discuss all of the details, he emailed me his number. I was a little suspicious as most people with a budget of $45,000 wouldn't just hand over a check in the full amount. They also would have much more interest in the type of flowers, style, and vendors booked. So, I googled the phone number (01144-704-579-8736) and sure enough it was a scam. The idea is that he sends over the "cashiers check" and then asks you to wire some of the money back. He then has your bank account number and hacks away, stealing all of your money!

Hopefully, nobody falls for this scam!