OFD's Journey

Did you hear? We launched a new company and this bad boy is making moves all over Tahoe! The latest venture is called OFD Productions and it is a Destination Management Company providing experiential corporate retreats, rewards trips, and celebrations. It's been an exciting new venture and I've been eager to spread the word about this new chapter!   

OFD Productions Logo

This new branch marks the 3rd division of the OFD family. The first two are: One Fine Day Events, a planning and design firm specializing in customized wedding planning services at private estates and resorts in Lake Tahoe; and the second is Tahoe Unveiled, the ultimate online resource connecting couples with reputable vendors and oodles of inspiration for their Lake Tahoe wedding. We have had a whole lot of growth over the past five years, especially with the help of a little company you may know called Martha Stewart Weddings – they kindly published one of our weddings and I can't tell you how stoked and proud we are to have our work on their site! Additionally, we did a full wham bam thank you ma’am revamp of Tahoe Unveiled and launched a new site at the end of last year (you like the new digs?). The new site is opening a lot of exciting opportunities for growth .... stay tuned to hear more in the future!

Let me take you back to the beginning of OFD -

I’m not going to lie—I moved to Lake Tahoe specifically to be a ski bum. I wanted to immerse myself in the mountain life and spend my days on the slopes for a season or two. But a season or two quickly turned into three, which then turned into four and, 14 years later, my intended vacation spot has now become my family’s forever home (and our favorite spot on Earth). In somewhat of a roundabout way, my education in PR and Business and background in the hotel industry, eventually led me to realize how much I enjoyed planning multi-faceted, highly detailed events. Out of that passion came One Fine Day Events and since its inception in 2009, the One Fine Day Events crew has planned over 375 weddings and social events in Lake Tahoe.

In 2015, my husband and I welcomed our little boy, Rory, into the world. Aside from the immense amount of joy this little love provides us, he gave me a huge perspective on my life and helped me prioritize my priorities. I no longer had every minute in every day to do whatever I wanted and needed. Before becoming a parent, I was constantly plugged in and always available to anyone who needed me at any hour of the day—and I ultimately forgot why I moved to Lake Tahoe in the first place. I had stopped enjoying the healthy pace of mountain life, the abundance of activities that fueled my soul.

Having lost my way, I did not immediately realize the stresses and negative effects of my workaholic lifestyle. But eventually I completely overwhelmed myself and my body began to deteriorate rapidly as stress and exhaustion manifested in the form of health issues. My body hated me and I couldn't figure out why until Rory came into my life and made me stop, take a deep breath (actually, many deep breaths), and think long and hard about how I was living my life. 

Family Pic

I’ve always been a health conscious and active person. My husband says "I’m like a dog that needs to be run…" in other words, I thrive when I exercise and go a little stir crazy without it. But, despite my knowledge of this very simple fact, I let my work and lack of balance get the best of me. I completely forgot to pay attention to my body and my physical and mental needs. I am so grateful for our son, especially for the immense amount of joy he brings to our lives, but also for being the force I needed to slap me in the face and propel me to set boundaries, to take time out of each day to get outside, and to mindfully focus on being centered and present at work and at home every day. The best part? Learning to put those boundaries in place and creating work-life balance has actually made me far more efficient and productive vs. when I was plugged in 24/7. I feel reconnected to my soul…and have brought new purpose and meaning to my work. This sounds a bit cheesy but it has given me so much more oomph. I am happier and feel more alive now than I did when I worked for someone else and didn’t carry the burden of operating 3 companies, or when I slept all night long for as long as I wanted (hah that was actually real life?), and had pretty minimal responsibilities in life.

After going through all this, I felt compelled to incorporate more of my passions for life into my business.

I love planning events and have built a company renowned for producing highly detailed, well-managed events that provide unforgettable experiences, but I wanted to do more than this. I wanted to introduce our services to the corporate world to transform the many hum drum offsite meetings into refreshing environments that inspire and motivate teams; to introduce companies to our many private estates and off-the-beaten-path venues for their next celebration; and to provide companies with custom built retreats that help improve employee morale and enhance company culture in Lake Tahoe. So by combining these loves, OFD Productions was born - an experiential event planning company focused on building customized retreats, team-building activities, and celebrations for corporations and companies looking to enhance their workplace culture and help their employees lead fuller healthier lives.

Lake Tahoe is unlike anywhere else - from the pristine beauty to the community and access to limitless outdoor activities. I feel so fortunate to live in a place surrounded by a community of people who choose to live here because of the lifestyle it provides and not just because they ended up here. I am excited to provide our event planning services to companies and help them get their teams outdoors to experience Lake Tahoe like a local!

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