Annie + Scott

Our day absolutely exceeded all of our expectations and was more perfect than we could have ever imagined.

I honestly cannot say enough about the amazing job that Stephanie, Vanessa and Kiki did to make my daughter’s wedding a day that we will always remember as magically perfect. They kept us organized from the first day of the planning process until the last guest left on the wedding day. They thought of every little detail.  We do not live in the Tahoe area, so we relied completely on them to choose vendors we could depend on that fit within our budget.  If there was a vendor we suggested, they took the time to research them and get feedback so that they felt confident the vendor was a good choice for us.  Every vendor we had the pleasure of working with was dependable and professional and fit perfectly with our vision of the day.  

Our wedding was June 10 and we had not been concerned in any way about the weather until a few days before when it became apparent that a cold front was moving in. We had planned an outdoor wedding (on a pier) and dining on the lawn nearby for 155 guests.  We were in a panic. A tent large enough to accommodate 19 big farm tables (if one could be found on such short notice) would be very expensive.  Our wedding was Saturday and Vanessa and Stephanie were able to locate a beautiful tent, work with the planners for Friday and Sunday weddings at the same venue, and negotiate a price we could afford so that our guest could be warm and dry.  As it turned out, Friday it rained, Saturday was cold and windy, and Sunday it snowed.  The tent was a lifesaver for all.  

While not the original plan, dining in a beautiful clear tent with crystal chandeliers, on the shore of Lake Tahoe created an ambiance that was so much more elegant and intimate than it would have been if the day had been warmer and we had just dined on the lawn.  In spite of the temperature, the sky was bright blue, like the lake and inside the tent was warm and cozy.  Everyone raved about how unique and beautiful it was to be outside and yet inside.  We will be forever grateful for the countless emails and phone calls made by Vanessa and Stephanie to secure a tent and make it an affordable and beautiful addition to our décor. They kept saying “Don’t worry, it will be perfect!”  And it was.

***Something I learned in this process; If your wedding is months away and you call or email and don’t get a response right away, know that these ladies are probably out there somewhere (with their capes on), addressing issues, solving problems, and putting out fires for some frantic bride whose day is right around the corner.  Also rest assured that when your day approaches, they will give you the same care, and they will solve any unforeseen problems with the same efficiency and mastery.  Believe them when they say “Don’t worry, it will be perfect.  Our day absolutely exceeded all of our expectations and was more perfect than we could have ever imagined.