Behind the Scenes with One Fine Day | Wedding & Design Inspiration

One Fine Day is a one stop shop to any and everything you might need to make the wedding in your mind come to life. With that being said, it takes lots of inspirational research to make sure each bride + groom gets the wedding for their dream-books. To help with this, our design team spends hours researching decor ideas and perfecting each and every detail to make sure all events are customized to the tee and reflect each couple's vision. I've collected a few of our favorite inspirational themes for our upcoming weddings this summer and wanted to share how this whole process starts!  

Bright Pops of Color with a twist of Woodland Chic


Whimsical and Flirty affair with hints of Romance


Soft Romance with a touch of Royal Elegance

These are just a few "kick-off" examples of details + decor to help steer each lovely couple to their dream wedding! You tell us what you like, love, hate, can't live without and we make sure it's delivered with style. There are many aspects that go into planning a beautiful and exquisite event, and I think the design process may be the most fun part!