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Bridal Braids | The Idea Board

Think of your hair as a lovely accessory full of capabilities! For your bridal coif, why not venture off the beaten path and create something super romantic yet a touch whimsical - a milkmaid braid? Although they look super complicated they are actually one of the easier braids to master and add a touch of bohemian romance. Top your bridal braid off with a  gorgeous flower and you will be the most lovely bride in sight!

First Row: Pinterest | KT Merry Second Row: KT Merry

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Beautiful Hair Brooches | Lake Tahoe Wedding Inspiration

I love a classic piece of jewelry, and lately brooches have been my go-to accessory piece. Whether worn on a shirt, the closing piece to a wrap dress, or tied up in your hair as a beautiful statement piece, the brooch is one of those classic jewelry staples that will never go out of style.

First Row:  Tory Williams Photography | Second Row: Kali Lu Photo 

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Floral Wedding Hair | Lake Tahoe Wedding Inspiration

Flowers in your hair....does it get more romantic? I think not! I love the idea of a few flowers blended into a bridal coif. It's soft, elegant, and just a touch bohemian. And although I've always dreamed of having a giant flower crown as my hairstyle of choice, I think a more realistic approach would be just a few selectively chosen flowers (ones that can withstand being without water for a few hours) woven into the 'do. .

First Row: Alea Lovely Photography Second Row: Signe Vilstrup | W. Scott Chester Photography 

One Fine Day Events is a wedding production company specialized in private estate weddings in Lake Tahoe.

The Idea Board | Soft-Swept Hair

On your wedding day you should really look like "you." Why not have your stylist create a super romantic but still special soft-swept look - you can stay looking "you" while having a gorgeous coif at the same time!  

First Row: Leah McCormick Photography | Bridal Musings Second Row: Eric Kelley Photography

Tahoe Unveiled's Weekly Fave!

" sure to wear some flowers in your hair..."

Our favorite post this week from our sister site, Tahoe Unveiled, was full of beautiful flowers. And Scott Mckenzie may have said it best! I think for my wedding I will most definitely be donning a few floral petals in my coif. This elegant and totally natural approach to a wedding hair style conveys everything Tahoe is known for - the outdoors, a laid back lifestyle and the beauty of being surrounded by nature.

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Tahoe Unveiled's Weekly Juice!

This week on our sister site we received some absolutely fabulous wedding hair tips from Kori Walker of Kolor by Kori, we were introduced to the linen experts Creative Coverings, and we saw a beautiful wedding designed by yours truly! Have a great weekend lovelies; I hope everyone gets out to play in the snow!  


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Glenbrook Real Wedding

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