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Press | One Fine Day Events Interviewed by CNBC

CNBC Interview with One Fine Day EventsHoly Moly!!! I am SO excited to share this news! A few months ago we received an inquiry from CNBC....yup that big massive network! They requested to interview me regarding scams in the wedding industry and the article is now live on their site! Unfortunately, we are quite familiar with these scam artists and the ugly side of planning a beautiful celebration. From gift theft, to inflated irrational pricing, to blatant money thieves, we have witnessed it all! A few years ago we created a post on our blog to warn our fellow wedding planners and vendors about this lovely fella pretending to be a groom. It has since attracted the attention of over 60 planners across the country and hopefully prevented anyone from falling victim to this scam artist! The CNBC article is a great read for both brides and grooms planning a wedding as well as vendors involved in the industry. Read the entire article here - we are on page 2 - scam number 5!

Five Wedding Planning Scams

I am so incredibly proud and excited to be featured in this article. What a great way to start 2014!!