Skis for a Guest Book

I recently attended a friend's wedding at the Clair Tabban Lodge in Truckee. The setting was a very old, rustic lodge designed to accommodate 70+ avid skiers. The lodge is set in Truckee near Sugar Bowl Ski Resort. Not much but the mountains surrounds this little outdoor enthusiast haven. Our friends booked the lodge over Thanksgiving week, celebrated thanksgiving with their family, and then through in a little wedding celebration. It was, warm, cozy, and very much a reflection of the bride and groom. As guests arrived, they walked into the ancient lodge and were greeted by a delicious cheese platter, bluegrass cd's (wedding favor), and the first chubby skis every made! The skis took the place of a guestbook. The night continued to entertain and surprise with dinner served on picnic benches, a local band (The Truckee Tribe) performing bluegrass music, and family musicians playing a few tunes on their instruments. Personality boomed from the floor boards all night long.

Although not the skis from our friend's wedding, this is a similar look!