Snow on Your Wedding Day

Almost every event has an unexpected interruption. For Johanna and Aaron, it was snow on their wedding day – 2 feet covered the ceremony site, which was a beautiful setting on a lawn with an unsullied view of the lake. As it was September, this weather was much unexpected. None the less, we dug up shovels and removed the snow from the brisk, yet fresh lawn. I instantly ordered more heaters and a heated tent for the bridal party, the hotel delivered notes under each guest’s door to inform them to wear warm and comfortable clothing to the ceremony (the mother of the bride’s wishes, of course), we gathered blankets and galvanized buckets to accompany the champagne as guests arrived to the lake, and we created a very cozy setting for the picture perfect summer wedding. The view of the guests seated at the ceremony was priceless: fleece blankets, pashminas, and wool coats lined the laps of all, as everyone cuddled up for a memorable and uniting service in front of a breathtaking view of a glassy Lake Tahoe.