When you decide not to hire a Wedding Coordinator

Frequently I meet people that do not realize the necessity of hiring a wedding planner. Some have dreamed of their wedding since they were wearing Cinderella shoes; others have just discovered the wedding magazine aisle. Each magazine reflects the infinite details one can do to make their day the wedding of the century. But, what these individuals fail to think about is, “who will setup these wedding of the century decorations, and who will coordinate the logistics?” Many say their sister or their maid of honor will take care of it. Well, unbeknownst to the naive bride, their guests are actually planning to enjoy themselves as well, and the last thing they will want to do is run around setting up the reception room a few hours before the wedding is scheduled to start. Recently I met a bride who disclosed all of her wedding malfunctions. The florist forgot to deliver the bouquets; the DJ lost the 1st Dance song; the bar forgot to serve the “signature cocktail” after she spent $1000 expressing the only liquor available for the cocktail; and the invitation company forgot to deliver the programs. Each of these issues wouldn’t have been an issue had she hired a wedding coordinator. The coordinator would have frequently checked in with each vendor to ensure proper timing; downloaded the 1st Dance song again for the DJ; reminded the bar about the signature cocktail; and called the invitation company requesting the programs. Your coordinator is your third pair of eyes – the eyes that aren’t drinking, aren’t socializing, and aren’t primping. Their sole job is ensuring your wishes are met and your expectations are exceeded.